” Dont worry, be shoppy “

Currently in progress, the Atria Shopping centre Watford is our largest project yet, get the “feeling of familiarity” with the Atria Tour and know what it feels like to wander the amazing halls of shops inside the huge Atria Shopping centre.

Atria wants everyone to feel at home at the Watford centre and to prove this have asked us to create one of our amazing Anxiety Accessibility Tours, showcasing not only the range of amazing shops but also the the areas that only those with Anxiety issues would understand.

We cover toilets, lifts, escalators, ramps, sanitizing points, ramps and doorways, in fact anything that we know can cause concern to those who suffer.

Familiarise yourself with the Atria before your arrival and enjoy we hope will be a stress free day enjoying the “retail therapy” you so richly deserve.

” The comfort of knowing “