” Knowing they’re in safe hands “

One of our first successful ventures into tours for the purposes of Anxiety Relief, this tour was built to relieve anxieties in both the current and future residents, but also their families.

Langley Court Rest Home was an incredibly warm and friendly home which was doing an amazing job especially considering this tour was shot just as Covid restrictions were slowly starting to be relaxed.

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with both residents and staff, and as it was the anxiety of having loved ones in lockdown we looked to allay that type of anxiety by going for a candid type of shoot allowing the single shot 360 camera do the work.

The natural dynamism of the home, the relaxed nature of the residents and the professionalism of the staff all come through and this met with the owners requirements.

The tour again allowed us to see furnished and unfurnished room, additional services and the natural beauty of the area. All of which allowed families and future residents to know their loved ones were in good hands.

” The comfort of knowing “