“No need to be anxious, the plays on in Watford”

Watford Palace Theatre wanted to ensure they were reaching their maximum audience and having spent a great deal of time ensuring those with physical issues were fully considered they looked at those with mental or Anxiety related issues, a Virtual Tour seemed the obvious starting point so they called in the experts.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to help all those lovely theatre goers enjoy their time in front of the curtain even more, we loved the idea, but then we always do.

A simple remit, we want everyone to feel at ease when visiting the theatre, no worries, just excitement and enjoyment, nothing to cloud the day. So we created a tour of the entire Theatre, top to bottom and side to side,, down every corridor and every open door, and now, by visiting the tour (linked below) patrons who would normally be concerned about visiting somewhere new, can visit as often as they please to familiarise themselves with the theatre and everything in it.

Concerned about lifts,, we got you, toilets, they’re covered, sanitising points, yep,, you’ll know where they are, you can even check out where your seats will be and how to get to them.

We here, and everyone at Watford Palace Theatre,, hope this tour is able to help decrease your worries and increase your excitement and enjoyment of the performance.

Welcome to Watford Palace Theatre, welcome to the feeling of familiarity